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Building a Home

Even before getting heavily into the real estate financing Mr. Mitchell was in the business of building custom homes. Mr. Mitchell professionally managed and built countless custom homes ranging from 350 square meters up to 1,000 square meters.  After years of laying foundations, standing walls, building roofs, full electrical installations and interior finish work this expertise in home building is now being put to use in Mitchell Consulting’s Home Construction services.

Just like all of our offerings, our Home Construction services are tailored to the customers needs.  We exercise the same level of detail and care through out the entire building project that you would expect from a top tier construction company.  When it comes to building your home here in Germany Mitchell Consulting is the smart choice.

Mitchell Consulting will not simply build you a house we will focus on the small details as well.

● Full project management from start to finish

● 100% turnkey houses all the way through landscaping

● Financing of complete project costs

● Land acquisition

● Planning and Engineering

● Interior design and material selections

● Compliance with the latest energy codes

● Organization of Building Contracts in English

● Coordination of utility hook ups

● Building area development to consist of roadways and infrastructure

When you hire Mitchell Consulting to build your home, your biggest concerns will be how you want your home to be laid out and what material you will select for the interior decoration.  Concerns over quality and build time will be out the window, as our building team does not miss a step.   We use only top quality materials and top-level local construction methods to ensure that your home is built in the highest quality possible.  When we say turnkey we mean it, from foundation to landscaping.  Our homes will be ready to move in and to be lived in without extra costs and hidden fees.

Make the call to Mitchell Consulting for a no cost, no commitment appointment to discuss the prospect of building your new home.