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While the needs of our customers have led us to branch out and offer many services, Financing and Mortgages are what Mitchell Consulting was founded on.  To this day it is still the core of our business as we realize that your loan is one of the most important aspects of purchasing your new home.  This is true wether you are living in the home, renting the home or listing it for sale.  Without a well-organized and properly planned loan you will not maximize your profits.  Once you meet and work with Mitchell Consulting you will see that it would be difficult to find a financing solution that offers such a personal and complete package.

We begin with you and what your needs are, not with the quickest and easiest solution.  We develop a plan based on your stay in Germany, your finances, your OHA or LQA and your goals.  We then structure your mortgage based on this plan.  Our knowledge and close working relationship with many of the Kaiserslautern Area banks ensure that we understand what options are available at any given time.  We can offer endless combinations and loan structures that you would never have known about were you to walk into a bank and simply request a mortgage.

If your plan is to keep your home once you leave Germany we are even able to design loans that have payment reduction options built in at PCS time.  We know that it can be difficult to know when exactly you may depart so we have a program in place where these reductions can be set up with floating start dates.  We structure these minimum payment plans based on the rental income that will be authorized for you home as calculated with the Housing rates per square meter.

We specialize in:

● Financing of Existing Homes

● Financing of Apartments

● Financing of New Building Projects

● Financing of Closing Costs

● Financing of Renovations Large and Small

● Financing of Solar Systems

● Refinancing of Existing Mortgages

At the end of the day our goal is to maximize your profits and oversee your purchase while ensuring that your investment makes you as much money as possible.  We pride ourselves in being able to say that our financing services save our customers exponentially over what the services cost.

Take the guesswork and risk out of financing your home purchase, refinance or building project by contacting Mitchell Consulting for a no cost, no commitment consultation.