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Locating a Home

When it comes time to purchase a home be sure to contact Mitchell Consulting.  By working with us you take advantage of the fact that all of our services tie together in a way that allows each to benefit from the other.

It is common for our Financing, Purchase Consulting and Property Management customers to have homes for sale listed with us.  This along with our high flow of other customers, relationships in the German real estate market and banking industry leaves us with access to a wide variety of homes that are ready to be seen and sold.

Here is a list of benefits Mitchell Consulting offers when assisting you in locating your property.

● Personalized search based on your needs

● Access a large pool of homes from our network of customers and business partners

● Professional appraisals of potential homes ensure your investment’s potential

● Market analysis based on size, location, price and desirability as a rental property

● Coordination of complete Home Inspections to ensure the property has no issues

● Expert advice based on years of experience in the building and real estate markets

● Translation services to help you navigate the unfamiliar process

● Gathering and organization of required property documents for the bank

● Assistance with acquiring homes from auction – foreclosure

Mitchell Consulting is focused on making sure the deal works for all parties.  We do not work simply for the seller in an attempt to maximize their profits.  Our goal is to only manage a deal if the price and terms are fair for both parties.  We listen to you, we understand what your needs are, we take your input and search for just the right home.  Buying a house is not based on our needs and our desire to complete a quick deal.

If you are ready for a truly customer oriented buying experience call us today and see how we can help you find your next home.