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German Banking Changes: What does it mean for Americans in Germany?

Posted On March 2, 2016

New German (EU) Banking Regulations: What is the real impact? I have been getting many inquiries from worried customers, potential customers and just people that I run into day to day. The question is: “Is it true that Americans can no longer buy houses in Germany after 21 March 2016” The problem apparently is that this rumor is being spread around pretty heavily without much research being done. I in-fact just got off the phone with a customer that was told this by...

How to convert your US Dollars to Euro?

Posted On July 30, 2014

How to convert your US Dollars to Euro?   I am often asked what is the best way to convert your USD to EUR while you are stationed in Germany.  This may be to cover rent, utilities, a mortgage and even spending money. For some time it has been the belief of many that the cheapest way would be to use either an American Debit or Credit Card.  This was a great way to go but you still were paying 1% fees roughly....

Calculating Your LQA or OHA When Purchasing a Home

Posted On February 20, 2013

Calculating Your LQA or OHA When Purchasing a Home.   I am often asked exactly how to calculate ones housing allowance when purchasing a home overseas.  Generally along with this question comes the misunderstandings that that they have been told by others. Some have said that your Living Quarters Allowance is based off how much your actual mortgage is. Others have said it is based solely on what your allowance is for your pay grade.  Hopefully here in this article I can explain...