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Building a Home

Posted On December 14, 2012

Even before getting heavily into the real estate financing Mr. Mitchell was in the business of building custom homes. Mr. Mitchell professionally managed and built countless custom homes ranging from 350 square meters up to 1,000 square meters.  After years of laying foundations, standing walls, building roofs, full electrical installations and interior finish work this expertise in home building is now being put to use in Mitchell Consulting’s Project Management services. Just like all of our offerings, our Project Management services are...

Locating a Home

Posted On December 13, 2012

Locating a Home: When it comes time to purchase a home be sure to contact Mitchell Consulting.  By working with us you take advantage of the fact that all of our services tie together in a way that allows each to benefit from the other. It is common for our Financing, Purchase Consulting and Property Management customers to have homes for sale listed with us.  This along with our high flow of other customers, relationships in the German real estate market and...

Property Management

Posted On December 11, 2012

Property Management: Owning a rental property is not always easy, managing one in a country where you are not living or speaking the language is even tougher. Contact Mitchell Consulting today to see how our team can help you manage your home in...