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Purchase Consulting

Mitchell Consulting’s Purchase Consulting service is truly one of a kind.  Through our financing services we have seen an overwhelming need develop for a complete Home Purchase Consultation option that is dedicated to the needs of an English-speaking buyer in Germany.  When you hire us to manage your purchase you will have somebody at your side not only at every step of your deal but for years to come.

Mitchell Consulting takes the time not only to assist you with your purchase but also to educate you about the process while showing what steps need to be taken and why.  We do not just give you a bit of information and send you on the way, we work with you and your family side by side arranging all financing, bank meetings, legal appointments and inspections while providing translations and managing negotiations with sellers, realtors and much more.

Buying a house in a foreign country is not the same as what you may be used to, our job is to bridge the gaps between language, culture and business practices so that you can focus on more important things.   Since our Purchase Consulting offerings are tailored to the needs of each buyer we not limited to any specific services.  This is a very flexible offering that is tailored to the buyer’s individual situation.

However, here a few examples of how we can help you.

● Structuring of an investment plan

● Scheduling of appointments in potential homes

● Negotiations with realtors and sellers covering all aspects of the deal

● Scheduling and translation of Home Inspections

● Tax savings through proper Purchase Contract wording

● Organization of all financing documents

● Procurement of loans and funds needed for purchase

● Money saving loan structures not commonly offered

● Closing cost financing, explanations, planning and payment needs

● Accompaniment to bank meetings, contract signings, and meetings with sellers

● Translations and assistance at all points before and after the sale

● Insurance advice and set up

● Coordination with contractors from painting to major remodeling

● Assistance with LQA and OHA set-up

● Utility set up and cancellation

● Home purchases through Foreclosure-Auction

This is a short sampling of what Mitchell Consulting is able to offer you.  Our expert insight is guaranteed to help in every area that we assist you with.  All of the benefits to Mitchell Consulting’s Purchase Consulting could not be put into one webpage. If you add up all of the areas that we save you as the buyer money, Mitchell Consulting’s services are sure to actually cost you less than if you did not use us at all.

Call today for a free in office consultation and see how Mitchell Consulting can offer you so much individual stress free service while actually saving you money.