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Selling a Home

When you contact Mitchell Consulting for assistance selling your home you will see how all of our services really compliment each other.  You can be confident in knowing that our well-established Financing Services provide a long list of pre-qualified buyers that are ready to look at and purchase your home.  At any given time we have buyers in every price range looking in every region of the Kaiserslautern area.  This makes the process of selling your home much less stressful and time consuming than it needs to be.

We know that you have things that are more important to deal with than showing your house and locating buyers.  We take the hassle out of the sale of your property so that you can focus on your PCS, wrapping up at work, enjoying your family time and moving onto the next step in your life.  Our experience with all aspects of the real estate investment industry in Germany allows us to make this the smoothest process that you can imagine.

Here are just a few examples of what we are able to offer you

● Management of the entire sale process

● Negotiations with your bank to determine and minimize potential penalties

● Professional appraisals to ensure maximum earnings on your house

● Acquisition and organization and of all needed house documents

● In depth consultation to determine the best sales price and terms needed

● Full access to pre-qualified buyers that are ready to view your home

● Aggressive advertising schedule to ensure maximum exposure of your property

● Detailed management of Purchase Contract and all legal requirements

● Assistance with cancellation or transfer of utilities and all insurances

● Complete consultation through the entire process not just finding a buyer

Mitchell Consulting offers complete side-by-side coordination through the entire sales process not just through locating a buyer.  When other realtor’s services are legally fulfilled, we are just getting started.  It only makes sense to list your home with a company that is dedicated to customer service and maximizing the return on your investment while eliminating any concern you may have about the process.

Contact Mitchell Consulting today to see how we can take the worry out of your home’s sale.